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Founded by a group of emerging leaders in 2006, IMPACT is an organization whose purpose is to: (1) enhance knowledge of the political and legislative processes; (2) foster civic engagement, and; (3) enhance economic empowerment opportunities for other emerging leaders, ages 21 to 40. Whether these leaders have joined corporate America, became CEOs of their own companies, work on Capitol Hill, lead non-profits, or are officials elected to lead their cities, states, or our Nation to greatness – the mission of IMPACT is to strategically link these leaders with one another to help in accomplishing their goals. To that end, our primary means of accomplishing this mission is to host a range of events catering to young professionals including forums,workshops, receptions and galas.

About the IMPACT College Series

Through the College Leaders Series, IMPACT will ensure that young professionals, including college students, have the tools and relationships needed to identify access and succeed in professional careers in politics and policy making.  College students are committed to their academic studies as well as many extracurricular activities.  More importantly, undergraduates invest time into things that are relevant to their academic, professional, or personal lives. Whether it is attending classes, speaker series, internships, parties, etc., students entrench themselves in activities that they believe advance some aspect of their professional, academic, or personal lives.

The Impact College series (ICS) is an opportunity for college students and young professionals to gain first hand advice and interactions from legal, policy, or business experts in professional field’s students.  From these collegiate series, students will be able to dig deep in policy areas and network with professionals in fields students are interested in.  Additionally, students who attend these sessions will have a comprehensive list of job and internship opportunities related to policy, law, and business at each event.  We will provide personalized resume review and career advice from senior officials during the reception hour.  The purpose of the professional development and networking built into the college series is to enhance students’ ability to acquire jobs and internships. Either through resume review or direct linkages to openings, IMPACT Collegiate Series, participants will improve their chances to acquire full-time employment. 


The IMPACT Team originally consisted of our five co-founders: Ryan M. Scott, Angela Rye, Adria Crutchfield, Joe D. Briggs, and Semhar Araia. Two founders continue to serve as a directors over an area that is critical to the overall success of IMPACT.


While IMPACT is not a membership organization, we welcome IMPACT supporters and friends to join our electronic mailing list.


IMPACT’s three core principles are as follows:



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